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About Founders

Here at Design Palette, we come from diverse range of backgrounds. Some creative, some strategic and others technical but we are united in one obsession; great work that delivers success and results to our clients.

Durga Niranjan

Founder, Design palette

“Simplicity is the key note of all True Elegance”
– Coco Chanel

Dhurgha’s passion in art & design right from childhood had made her study Fashion Design. Having studied Masters in Apparel technology her passion towards styling & design led her to pursue her career in Visual Merchandising. She started her Visual Merchandising career at Shoppers Stop which built a strong foundation. From there she moved on to grow in the corporate ladder by working with retail giants like Future Group & Reliance Retail. Her diverse experience in Visual Merchandising also extends to Home Fashion & Electronics apart from apparel retailing. Her work experience with Traditional retailers has helped understand the local flavor and helped deliver as required. Having hands on experience in Visual Merchandising for a decade, led her to start the new venture “Design palette”. She strongly believes that passion, enthusiasm & eye for detail with make her venture truly unique and wow-inspiring.

Vinoth kumar

Founder, Design palette

Vinothkumar comes from a commerce background. He started his career by selling SIM Cards for Telecom service provider. His strong communication & marketing skills became the foundation for him to work with major Telecom giants like Airtel, Tata Tele services & Reliance 4G. His strong understanding towards client requirements helped him deliver with precision. He has got diverse knowledge and field experience to handle multiple vendors, clients.
“Challenge your limit; never miss an Opportunity”
According to the above mentioned quote, he believes that opportunities comes only once & never miss it. His strong flair for marketing & communications led him to join hands with his sister to start the new venture “Design Palette” on April 14th 2014. His academics in accounting have helped him work with budgets at ease. His vision is to deliver compelling & distinctive creations, which will make every client feel an empathetic connection towards Design palette.


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Website: www.designpalette.com

Address: SIP Colony (Near modern school), Chennai - 600061.