energy science society of india ( essi )

ESSI promotes cooperation and interaction among all researchers and academicians involved in search of alternative sustainable and environment friendly energy resources to meet the “Challenges of Power Generation and Lighting 21st Century”.


ENERGY SCIENCE SOCIETY OF INDIA (ESSI), established in July 2013 and its office is located in Puducherry. The objective of the ESSI is mainly to promote & share the knowledge in ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY including all conventional energy resources, nuclear fission & nuclear fusion energy, renewable energies, green energies, bio fuel & energy, energy storage science & technology , geothermal energy, electrochemical energy, energy efficient devices & technologies , sustainable energy and any other new area in energy science emerging in future.


upcoming events

National Conference on materials for energy conversion and storage. mar 19, 2015

The aim of the conference is to bring together high-level experts and young research scholars.

One day workshop on computational technique for energy material. mar 19, 2015

At the same time, Workshop on Computational Techniques for Energy Materials is firmly focused on more in-depth understanding.