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Understanding patients’ experience of health care is central to the process of providing care and is a fundamental pillar of health care quality. Traditional measures of patient experience include surveys, and more recently, structured patient reported outcome measures. Such approaches ask specific and limited questions, are conducted infrequently, and are often expensive to administer. Today’s patients have begun to report their health care experience on the Internet in blogs, social networks, wikis, and on health care rating websites. However, as this is largely unstructured, nonstandardized free-text information, it is not captured in a systematic way. This represents a missed opportunity for understanding patients’ experience in an increasingly “connected” world. Sentiment analysis and opinion mining, has been critical to understanding consumer attributes and behaviors in other industries outside health care including, for example, in election forecasting. Sentiment analysis enables the content of natural language—the words we write and speak—to be examined for positive and negative opinions and emotion. If applicable to health care, these analytical methods could permit interpretation of textual information about patient experience on a huge scale. Many have avoided the analytical spotlight of conventional quantitative analysis because of its prose nature and the complexity of health systems data interoperability, Our healthcare portal will enable to share patients sentiments and opinion about health plans, medicine, disease, health procedure and care treatment in clinic and at service providers facilities.

Our Vision

Inform, Educate and Enable patients with public and private information for their own health and wellness research. Extend the portal to be a go to resource to interact and engage with patients, doctors, care takers with timely alerts and notification to get quality insights about disease, medicine, and health systems policies and procedures. Our health stories will provide several data points for patients, practitioner and Insurance plan company about population health management
(A group of patients under an individual or medical institutional care) quantity, quality and value based care provided based on following criteria.

  • Make no harm to patients. (Near Real time start rating publishing of Health systems payers plan and service providers )
  • What is prevalent health system clinical trials, research, medical and hospital news, trends and practitioners influence for chronic and acute disease and medicine management.
  • How social and individual stories based on analytics on how certain data quality measures used in medicine and health care is helping patient to get cured of their sickness.
  • What are real evidence benchmark data for causes and cure of the disease, how to prevent, control and cure the disease for the population based on evidence data.
  • What are some highpoint, lowpoints, clinical and care management events, behavior, lifestyle changes, sentiments of patients with a particular disease.
  • Demographic and bench mark Story, Ethnic, social economics, prevailing cost of the care based on the facilities, region.

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