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Welcome to RADON Herbal, Organic, Mosquito Bite Protector

It is said that only two things that will survive the third world war. Rats and cockroaches. I can very confidently add one more species. The not so humble mosquito. Mosquitoes inflict horrendous damage and kill millions of people every year. As people become more aware of the diseases caused by mosquitoes, the demand for mosquito repellents will keep on increasing, which is a positive sign for the manufacturers, new entrants as well as the existing players.

The proverbial silver lining in the dark cloud is that there are completely safe methods of keeping irritating mosquitoes at bay, with help from. Herbal – organic repellents which are healthy alternative and be a cost- effective solutions to chemical repellents.

Plant-based mosquito repellent evaluation and development had become far more rigorous in recent years and developments in methods of dispensing plant-based volatiles means that extension in the duration of repellence and consequent efficacy of plant-based repellents which will be the future……Dr.Athreya.

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